Indiana winters can be harsh. The frigid temperatures and snow accumulation may be damaging to your lawn. As the snow melts and temperatures become warmer as the spring season approaches, there are a few things you will want to take note of. There are many ways to restore your lawn after a winter season without spending lots of time and money.

Here are a few:

Remove Debris

You will want to inspect your lawn to assess whether there are any bare spot. If there’s more than half an inch of grass clippings or dead grass, it’s best to remove this debris as well. A small amount of this debris can add nutrients to your soil, but too much can prevent new grass growth. Bear’s Lawn Care will be scheduling spring clean-up.

Don’t forget to take on any weeds that may be poking up. Some weeds are hardier than your grass, so you’ll need to either pull weeds or use a weed treatment. Contact a professional lawn care company for more information on the best weed treatment for your particular lawn and weed variety. Some weeds simply need to be pulled, while others require herbicide or natural remedies, like cornmeal.

Aerate Your Lawn

Heavy foot traffic and deep snow can pack down your soil and create issues for your grass seed. Thick soil prevents your grass seed roots from reaching necessary nutrients. The easiest solution is to aerate your lawn.

Add Nutrients and Grass Seed

Ice and snow from a harsh winter can damage or completely kill your grass. Not only does your grass need a boost of nutrients to regain life in the spring, but you may also need to plant more grass. Grass seed is a cost-effective alternative to sod. We proudly carry Execu-Turf brand which provides many blends for our particular region.

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